Emirates Palace 24K Gold Coffee

A trip to Abu Dhabi is incomplete without visiting these two places, a visit to the Abu Dhabi Mosque and going to the royalty of The Emirates Palace Hotel. When you are at the Emirates Palace Hotel how can you not try the ‘Emirates Palace 24K Gold Coffee’. It’s a normal cappuccino but what makes it special is the fact that it has 24K gold dust and an outline of the emirates palace made on the foam of the cappuccino. The cappuccino is served with a date and a piece of dark chocolate, plus a small glass of water to balance the bitterness.  The coffee yells royalty and luxury, plus the atmosphere and the whole experience certainly make you feel special.

I highly recommend you to try the Emirates palace 24K Cappuccino just for the experience and not for the cappuccino it’s self as it would leave you asking yourself ‘what is different in this coffee than any other one, you have ever had?’  The answer would be ‘The overall experience plus the feel of royalty and luxury that make up for the disappointing taste.’



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