Key to Parker’s

Your visit to Parker’s doesn’t start till you don’t find the Parker’s key, it’s not very difficult to find and once you have found it you can visit Parker’s whenever you want with as many people as you want. Parker’s is a chilled place in Dubai mall to relax and have a meal in a picnic atmosphere, the interiors make you feel like you are sitting in a park, with lot of plants and wooden benches to sit on.

Parker’s offers a lot of quick snacks for you to choose from. Their sliders and pretzel chicken being the more popular of the choices. Everything at Parker’s tastes great and making a choice to what to eat can be difficult 😉

Just like your visit to Parker’s doesn’t start till you have the key, just like that your visit to Parker’s is incomplete till you don’t have the amazing desserts that they have to offer. The most popular dessert being the Lotus Drama, it’s a caramel and lotus biscuit dessert. If you’re a caramel fan like me then you are going to love and indulge in this Drama 😉

Parker’s is a great experience, with a nice and comfortable atmosphere. I would highly recommend Parker’s at least once for everyone to try, but with that said this experience can be a bit costly, but has to be experienced at least once.



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