Sugar Factory Review

I went to Sugar Factory for lunch, I was thinking to have a nice meal with my sisters at Sugar Factory, but I was not too impressed, as it did not meet up to my expectations.

I had thought that being a popular restaurant in the US that they would be good here in Dubai as well, as I have visited Sugar Factory in the US as well,  but it turned out to be a disappointment as the food was very average, and didn’t have the same taste as the US. The drinks could be the only saving grace for the restaurant as the drinks are nice and innovative, plus they can be shared between two people as well, but the drinks are over priced. The food prices are fine but the drinks are a bit over priced. 

I would recommend going to Sugar Factory only for the drinks and a light snack rather than for having a meal, you could get better food for a much better price in other restaurants. 

With my disappointment I would I would not give Sugar Factory 3 out 5.

Sugar Factory information:

located in Dubai Festival City Mall and City Walk 2.

Serves American & Italian.

Average cost for two 300AED (approx)


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