Sushi lovers warned of Parasite Danger

In a recent article published in the Gulf News, on Saturday 13th May 2017. States a recent medical condition that has come in the limelight, that is connected with eating sushi or any other raw fish or seafood. This  condition is called Anisakiasis. Anisakiasis is a parasite infection.

Below is the article that was published in the Gulf News:

Sushi lovers warned of parasite danger

Need for awareness of Anisakiasis highlighted

From nigiri to temaki, sushi has boomed in popularity in the west, but now doctors are warning of a less appetizing trend: a rise in parasitic infections.

A team of doctors from Portugal raised concerns after a 32 year old man was admitted to hospital complaining  of pain in his abdomen just below his ribs, vomiting and had a slight fever. An endoscopy soon reveled the culprit: the larvae of a type of parasitic worm from the genus Anisakis. The doctors note that the condition, known as Anisakiasis, is caused by eating under cooked or raw fish or seafood that has been contaminated: indeed, questioning of the patient revealed he had recently eaten sushi.

After the larva was removed the man rapidly recovered, say the medics. Writing in the journal BMJ Case Reports, the team warn that with sushi in vogue in the west, awareness of Anisakiasis is growing. The Italian study added that medical professionals should suspect the condition should patients complain of severe abdominal pain after eating raw fish.

                                                                                                                               -The Telegraph Group Limited, London 2017


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